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Fitness is very popular thing nowadays. Everyone should go on fitness sports because is healthy and will help you to look good and improve your self-confidence. Basically fitness can be explained as being physically fit. For example you can go to gyms, run long distances. Going on fitness sports can be divided into five main components muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, cardio respiratory endurance and body composition. If you know what exactly means each one of this you can consider yourself as a fitness sports maniac.


The cardio respiratory endurance can be explained as the ability of the body to supply fuel during hard physical activities. If you want to improve this you will have to run long distances in order to keep your heart rate elevated. But do not go too far because it can be dangerous if you overload your heart. You can start swimming or cycling. If you want to go on fitness sports then you´d better improve your cardio functions. Next on the list is the muscular endurance. This is the ability of the muscle to force continuous against certain object. This is why when you are making push-ups you are getting more fitted. The muscular strength is also an important thing and you can improve it by lifting weight. Find out what is the best you can lift but be sure it is not too heavy or light in order to have good results.


Flexibility is the fourth component but it is probably the most important thing if you want to go on fitness sports. This is the ability of your muscles to stretch. Stretching should be performed before and after each workout because if you do not do this you may suffer an injury. You may find various exercises on the internet. Choose the best and most efficient ones and start doing them before working out. And last but not least the body composition. You should pay attention to it because it is important. You have to know that the lean body mass is actually the weight of water, muscle, organs and bones and the body fat represents the remaining fat tissue. Have in mind what is your weight and create a plan how to work you this will help you to have bigger success in fitness sports.


If you want to improve your self-confidence and body weight, the best you can do is to start going to fitness. This is a series of exercise, including weight lifting. Before starting it is advised to read some reviews and tips and tricks on the internet. In that way you will be able to perform everything correctly and efficiently.


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