Nail care info

The best way to have beautiful nails


The nail care can be made many mistakes. At least once a year should be feet from a chiropodist medical care. Chiropodist medical care is not just the nails, but also the skin. In the home nail care should be respected to the following:

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Healthy feet info

About the importance of healthy feet


The foot is the least respected and most needed. He must not only the entire body of the people “endure”. 28 bones provide the interplay of muscles, ligaments and tendons that people walk, run, jump or dance can be. It’s hard to believe that such an important part of the body with little or very little attention. At birth, almost everyone healthy feet. Until adulthood is changing so rapidly, however. Until then, many people have their feet already greatly damaged. The result: malposition. Wrong shoes are most times too tight. And all preventive measures do not forget training. Movement is also important for the foot. Errands, the path to the mailbox or walk stairs more often. Much go barefoot and daily exercise.

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Increased your feeling

Increased feeling of your life through proper nutrition


The consumer today has an incredibly wide selection of foods. And the industry is still doing everything to increase the selection. For consumers, it will be only harder to understand the labeling on their foods. What does this mark exactly? But how much the human body really needs daily in fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates or fats? Is the human diet really healthy? Healthy eating is a very controversial issue, because even nutritionists have to admit that they have nothing or very little knowledge. Moreover confuse new horror news of pesticides, false, one-sided diet and obesity are increasingly common. It is clear that our food should cover the basic needs of the body. Without proteins, certain fats, vitamins and minerals, trace elements and adequate energy intake, man has problems with his health fitness. Everyone remembers that diet affects the performance. A balanced diet can be varied selection and reasonable quantities are achieved and so contribute to the well-being.

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Fit in winter with snow and ice


Now begin the cold and uncomfortable season! To colds do not pay to be health-conscious and health fitness should strenge immune system. It is particularly important nutrition. A balanced diet with vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates should be in winter. Special consideration can be found on the menu. Here is homely vegetables such as cabbage different places, leeks, broccoli, celery and carrots to. The daily diet should come with potatoes and whole grain products are rounded. Homely winter vegetables covers not only the need for adequate vitamin C, but contains many minerals such as calcium, folate, potassium, iron and cancer adrenostatic substances. Can be effectively supported the menu with homemade fresh juices from fruit and vegetables. With these delicious juices, they can strengthen their defenses. A balanced and vitamin-rich diet is, however, still unable to cope with winter colds in relation to diseases a “bargain” to beat.

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New start after winter information


Nature and your body reawake after along winter. First delicate buds bloom in the bushes. Our native wildlife now wakes from its winter sleep. Instead also from his “hibernation” to wake up, the people are invaded by the phenomenon “spring fatigue”. Unilateral nutrition, long winter evenings and permanently heated rooms contribute significantly to the fact that the human organism is sluggish. In addition, the body in the winter months misses the natural light. Even the transition to longer days and shorter sleep stages burdened the people.

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Your Body Mass Index

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